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  • {{nfStn.station_id}} - {{nfStn.station_addr}} To FAWN station: {{nfStn.distance2fawn_mile}} mile Temperature: {{nfStn.temps|missingValFilter}} °F Rainfall: {{nfStn.rain|missingValFilter}} ” Observed: {{nfStn.time}}
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  • Temp @ 2m: {{displayedStn.temp2mF|missingValFilter}} °F
  • Wind Speed @ 10m: {{displayedStn.windSpeed10mMph|missingValFilter}} mph
  • Relative Humidity: {{displayedStn.relHum2mPct|missingValFilter}} %
  • Temp @ 60cm: {{displayedStn.temp60cmF|missingValFilter}} °F
  • Temp @ 10m: {{displayedStn.temp10mF|missingValFilter}} °F
  • Soil @ -10cm: {{displayedStn.soilTemp10cmF|missingValFilter}} °F
  • Dew Point: {{displayedStn.dewPoint2mF|missingValFilter}} °F
  • Wind Dir @ 10m: {{displayedStn.windDir10mDeg|missingValFilter}} °
  • Rainfall: {{displayedStn.rainFall2mInch|missingValFilter}} ”
  • Pressure: {{displayedStn.bp2m|missingValFilter}} mb
  • Average Rad: {{displayedStn.totalRad2mWm2|missingValFilter}} W/m2
  • Heat Index: {{displayedStn.human_thi|missingValFilter}} °F outlook human_legend
  • Temperature Humidity Index (Dairy Cows): {{displayedStn.cow_thi|missingValFilter}} °F outlook cow_legend
Station ID Latitude Longitude Elevation Facility County
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Forecast Data Provided by NWS
  • Temp at 2 Ft
  • Temp at 6 Ft
  • Temp at 30 Ft
  • Soil Temp
  • Dew Point
  • Wet Bulb Temp

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      RADAR data courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet.

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