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Cold Protection Toolkit

Evaporative Cooling Potential (ECP) has been updated to use real-time FAWN data for categorization of the ECP at each FAWN site, and is based on the difference between the air and wet bulb temperatures, and the wind speed. The results are displayed in a table, along with the values used in the calculations. Check out the update by clicking here.

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FAWN Widget


FAWN recently released a desktop Widget for both Mac and PC platforms. The Widget is typically an application that displays a single piece of information that can be accessed quickly without the need to open a web browser or larger software application. Our Widget (right) displays the current 2m air temperature at a user-selected FAWN site. The user can also enter a critical minimum temperature, and when the current temperature falls to this temperature, the color of the displayed temperature changes to red to indicate critical levels have been reached. You can download the FAWN Widget by clicking here.

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Urban Irrigation Scheduler


Real-time rainfall was recently added to the Urban Irrigation Scheduler, and additional enhancements are in the works for this year. Now, you can use the existing tables and rainfall amounts from the FAWN sites in your “zone” to make a better-informed decision. You can access the Urban Irrigation Scheduler by clicking here.

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What’s Happening in the Field?


Our Field Service team is hard at work maintaining our 35 sites. Routine maintenance occurs every 6 weeks, and sensors are Benchmarked - compared to ones of known calibration - at least once annually. Our Benchmarking program has been a top priority over the past year, and so far, we have tested 85% of our sensors. The Field team is also working on installing guy wire systems at all FAWN sites to ensure maximum structural integrity, and currently 90% of the sites are complete.

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Also New at the FAWN website

FAWN Fact Sheets

The Basics of Home Irrigation Presentation

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Who's stopping by?

We are always happy to have visitors to the FAWN website. Below are some statistics that detail how many visitors we have had this year so far (01/01/09 – 04/30/09).

  • 105,510 visitors overall.
  • 29,247 unique visitors.
  • 326,082 pages viewed.

Below are the statistics for two individual cold events.


  • 19,300 visitors overall.
  • 5,700 unique visitors.
  • 75,322 pages viewed.

(02/04/09 - 02/06/09)

  • 17,680 visitors overall.
  • 5,345 unique visitors.
  • 66,788 pages viewed.
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Upcoming Events

FAWN will be attending various trade shows and conferences throughout the year to conduct presentations, give out information, and encourage people to use our resources. Please stay tuned to our newsletter, and as we make plans, we’ll be sure you know about it.

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