FAWN API : "lastDay"

Method: "summary"

Returns a summary table of the most recent complete day available.

Like the FAWN Report Generator, one day generally consists of 96 observations with measurement started at 11:45PM local standard time the previous night. I.e. When called on Oct 14th, the returned values would summarize the period 11:45PM Oct 12 to 11:45PM Oct 13th. ISO8601 dates are given to remove any timezone-related ambiguity.

If you fetch this data automatically, you're encouraged to time your fetches a few hours into each day to lower the risk of any "late" reporting stations going missing in the summary.

CSV https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/lastDay/summary/csv (view in browser)
JSON https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/lastDay/summary/json (view in browser)
XHTML1.0 https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/lastDay/summary/html (view in browser)

Columns in "summary"

Column NameUnitDescription
StationID FAWN Station identifier
startTime ISO8601 Start time of measurement
num_obs number of observations collected in hour
rfd_avg W/m2 AVG Radiant Flux Density
trf MJ/m2 Total Radiant Flux
tsoil_avg °C AVG Soil temperature
tsoil_min °C MIN Soil temperature
tsoil_max °C MAX Soil temperature
t2m_avg °C AVG Temperature @ 2m
t2m_min °C MIN Temperature @ 2m
t2m_max °C MAX Temperature @ 2m
t60cm_avg °C AVG Temperature @ 60cm
t60cm_min °C MIN Temperature @ 60cm
t60cm_max °C MAX Temperature @ 60cm
t10m_avg °C AVG Temperature @ 10m
t10m_min °C MIN Temperature @ 10m
t10m_max °C MAX Temperature @ 10m
rh_avg % AVG Relative Humidity @ 2m
rh_min % MIN Relative Humidity @ 2m
rh_max % MAX Relative Humidity @ 2m
ws_avg km/hr AVG Windspeed @ 10m
wsmax km/hr MAX Windspeed @ 10m
wdir_avg ° from N AVG Wind Direction
rain_sum cm SUM Rainfall
rain_15minMax cm MAX Rainfall in a 15min period
dp_avg °C AVG Dewpoint temperature @ 2m
et in Evapotranspiration for short grass