FAWN API : "lastHour"

Method: "summary"

Returns a summary table of the most recent complete hour available.

Like the FAWN Report Generator, we consider an hour as having the observations collected at 0, 15, 30, and 45 minutes past the hour. Therefore the actual start time of measurement was 15 minutes before the hour. I.e. an hour with start time 6:45AM included our 7:00-7:45AM observations.

If you fetch this data automatically, it should be available around 53 minutes past each hour, but you're encouraged to time your fetches 30 minutes past each hour to lower the risk of any "late" reporting stations going missing in the summary.

CSV https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/lastHour/summary/csv (view in browser)
JSON https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/lastHour/summary/json (view in browser)
XHTML1.0 https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/lastHour/summary/html (view in browser)

Columns in "summary"

Column NameUnitDescription
StationID FAWN Station identifier
startTime ISO8601 Start time of measurement
num_obs number of observations collected in hour
rfd_avg W/m2 Radiant Flux Density
tsoil_avg °C AVG Soil temperature
tsoil_min °C MIN Soil temperature
tsoil_max °C MAX Soil temperature
t2m_avg °C AVG Temperature @ 2m
t2m_min °C MIN Temperature @ 2m
t2m_max °C MAX Temperature @ 2m
t60cm_avg °C AVG Temperature @ 60cm
t60cm_min °C MIN Temperature @ 60cm
t60cm_max °C MAX Temperature @ 60cm
t10m_avg °C AVG Temperature @ 10m
t10m_min °C MIN Temperature @ 10m
t10m_max °C MAX Temperature @ 10m
rh_avg % AVG Relative Humidity @ 2m
ws_avg km/hr AVG Windspeed @ 10m
wsmax km/hr MAX Windspeed @ 10m
wdir_avg ° from N AVG Wind Direction
rain_sum cm SUM Rainfall
rain_15minMax cm MAX Rainfall in a 15min period
dp_avg °C AVG Dewpoint temperature @ 2m