FAWN API : "week"

Method: "obs"

Returns all available observations for a station for the 7 days prior to the current date. Most observations are averages or sums of measurements made every 5 seconds over a 15 minute period.

You must include a StationID in the URLs (appears as {id} below).

CSV https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/week/obs/{id};csv (view in browser)
JSON https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/week/obs/{id};json (view in browser)
XHTML1.0 https://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/controller.php/week/obs/{id};html (view in browser)

Columns in "obs"

Column NameUnitDescription
StationID FAWN Station identifier
endTime ISO8601 End time of measurement
rfd W/m2 AVG Radiant Flux Density
tsoil °C AVG Soil temperature
t2m °C AVG Temperature @ 2m
t60cm °C AVG Temperature @ 60cm
t10m °C AVG Temperature @ 10m
rh % AVG Relative Humidity @ 2m
ws mph AVG Windspeed @ 10m
wsmax mph MAX Windspeed @ 10m
wdir ° from N AVG Wind Direction
rain in Rainfall
dp °C AVG Dewpoint temperature @ 2m