Cold Protection Toolkit - Forecast Tracker

The Forecast Tracker provides a visual display which shows if the National Weather Service's point forecast is indicating that damage could occur during the next twenty four hours. The Forecast Tracker is intended to provide increased confidence in the forecast and allow producers to make better informed decisions.

One of the key elements of a cold protection program is having a minimum temperature forecast that can be utilized to determine the potential for economic freeze damage. Not all forecasts are exactly on target, as each cold night has unique features which must be analyzed correctly by forecasters. The FAWN Forecast Tracker plots the actual temperature and the forecasted temperature for the previous twenty four hours showing how well the forecast has tracked the actual temperature. The forecasted temperature is displayed for the next twenty four hours along with an optional critical temperature line to give an idea as to whether or not the temperature will drop below the critical temperature during the night.

FAWN does not make weather forecasts, but utilizes the National Weather Service products, especially the pin point forecasts. For more information see JETSTREAM, an online weather school, Pinpoint Forecasts.

NWS forecast has a granularity of three hours. FAWN data is hourly.