Florida Citrus Mutual


Florida Citrus Mutual was formed in 1948 as a voluntary cooperative association dedicated to helping citrus growers produce and market their crops at a profit.

Today, Mutual has become a respected clearinghouse of information for its 11,500 members, publishing fruit prices, economic statistics and trend stories to help grower members run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Mutual has become the voice of the Florida citrus grower on issues of international trade, labor law, pesticide use, water use and tax issues, making sure federal and state legislative decisions are made with growers' concerns in mind.

Mutual is the guiding force on Florida citrus promotional campaigns, advising the Florida Department of Citrus of growers' collective opinion. It has become a strong leader during times of crisis, providing a rallying point around which the industry has gathered.

Florida Citrus Mutual is one of the founding members of the Agricultural Weather Task Force and has been a driving force in the establishment of FAWN. Thanks to the hard work of Andy LaVigne and the entire staff, funding for the establishment of weather towers and maintenance equipment was obtained from the state legislature.

If you would like more information regarding the many services Florida Citrus Mutual, or would like to learn of the many benefits members receive, contact them at:

Florida Citrus Mutual
P. O. Box 89
Lakeland, FL 33802
Phone 863/682-1111
Email: caram@flcitrusmutual.com