Mid Florida Citrus Foundation

The Mid Florida Citrus Foundation is a non-profit organization conducting research on the effects of reclaimed water on citrus, forage crops, deciduous fruit and nuts, vegetables, turf and forestry. The goal of the Foundation is to develop management practices that will allow growers in the Northern citrus area to establish and grow citrus profitably. Research is conducted on approximately 150 acres of land which is owned by the City of Orlando and Orange County as part of Water Conserv II. The foundation was established in 1986 and has expanded the original scope of the work beyond the effects of reclaimed water on various crops. Current research projects involve nutrition studies, evaluation of fresh and processed cultivars, irrigation rates, weed management, economics, phtoremediation, rootstocks, and fruit set.

Mid Florida Citrus Foundation feels FAWN provides a vital data base for agriculture and is pleased to participate in the sponsor program. FAWN data is part of the research effort and also used as part of the management program as well.

The Central Florida Extension team is closely involved with the Mid Florida Citrus Foundation, to learn more of other work in Lake/Orange/Seminole visit their web site listed above.