South Florida Water Management District

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is a regional agency of the state of Florida , and is charged with managing and protecting water resources of the region by balancing and improving water quality, flood control, natural systems and water supply.

SFWMD's boundaries extend from central Florida to Lake Okeechobee, and from coast to coast, from Fort Myers to Fort Pierce, south through the sprawling Everglades to the Florida Keys and Florida Bay.

Today, the South Florida Water Management District operates and maintains approximately 1,800 miles of canals and levees, 25 major pumping stations and about 200 larger and 2,000 smaller water control structures.

The activities of the district include the following:
Canal & Structure Operations Everglades Restoration
Ecosystem Restoration Emergency Management
Environmental Monitoring Land Acquisition & Mgmt.
Permitting Water Supply

South Florida Water Management District is committed to preserving our greatest natural resource, water. They are a solid partner with FAWN and will be closely involved with the development of management tools to help manage this resource.

Visit the SFWMD web site to learn more about the many activities of this organization.