St. Johns River Water Management District

The mission of the district is as follows:

We will ensure the sustainable use and protection of water resources for the benefit of the people of the District and the state of Florida.

Water Supply -To implement a regional strategy to provide sufficient water for users and the environment

Surface water resource protection-To protect surface water resources of the District and improve those resources within SWIM basins and the Upper St. Johns River Basin within established deadlines

Flood protection - To prevent increases in flooding and operate and maintain the District's regional flood control projects

Organizational effectiveness -To provide for organizational structure and tools that result in and reward continuous improvement and enhanced service delivery

Duties of the District include:

Issuing permits for various water use activities and/or activities that have the potential to adversely impact ground or surface water resources and adjacent lands

Buying land to preserve or restore vital wetlands and water resources

Conducting research about the quality and quantity of ground and surface water resources

Mapping ground and surface water resources

Conducting outreach and public education programs

St. Johns River Water Management District is committed to preserving our greatest natural resource, water. They are a solid partner with FAWN and will be closely involved with the development of management tools to help manage this resource.

Visit the SJRWMD web site to learn more about the many activities of this organization.