United States Sugar Corporation is one of America's premier privately held agribusiness companies.

With state-of-the-art technology for both sugar refining and citrus processing, U.S. Sugar practices the most efficient and progressive farming techniques available in the world. Vertical integration of our farming, processing and packaging operations makes U.S. Sugar competitive while meeting the highest standards for worker safety, food quality and environmental protection. With its headquarters in Clewiston, Florida, the Company farms 180,000 acres in Hendry, Glades, and Palm Beach counties.

U.S. Sugar is the country's largest producer of sugar cane and refined cane sugar and is one of Florida's major producers of oranges and orange juice products. In addition to the Company's principal businesses of sugar and citrus, U.S. Sugar also owns a short line railroad, the South Central Florida Express.

Dependent upon weather, growing conditions and federal market allocations, U.S. Sugar produces 700,000 tons of cane sugar a year, providing nearly 10% of the sugar produced in America. Currently, the Company operates two raw sugar mills at Clewiston and Bryant. The two mills have the capacity to grind up to 40,000 tons of sugarcane each day during the October-April harvest season.

Since its founding more than 70 years ago, U.S. Sugar has been actively involved in the well-being and development of community. Education and health care are among its top priorities for both corporate and employee contributions. U.S. Sugar makes a variety of contributions to area schools and health care institutions -- with an eye to improving education and providing quality health care for all the citizens of this farming region.

In addition to monetary contributions, U.S. Sugar encourages active participation in community, civic, charitable and religious activities on the part of its employees. The Company's philosophy reflects a commitment to enhancing its community for the betterment of all residents, regardless of their affiliation with U.S. Sugar. The words of our founder C. S. Mott are as true today as they were back in 1931, "We are a part of the community, and what is good for the community is good for us."

At United States Sugar Corporation, traditional farming values are successfully combined with modern technology. The result is farming that is compatible with the environment and with the economic realities of the new millennium.