Minimum Overnight Temperature

The Minimum Overnight Temperature is based on the Brunt Equation, sunset air and dew point temperatures. More information can be found on the Using the Brunt Equation page.

Using the Brunt equation, one can estimate the the minimum overnight temperature given the air & dewpoint temperatures at sunset.

At Your Location

Please enter the air and dew point temperatures at sunset in your location.

At Each FAWN Station

Last Night's Minimum Temperature Estimates

Predicted from temperature and dewpoint estimates at the time of sunset. Use the Report Generator to find observed minimum temperatures.

StationSunset (EST)Tair °FTdewpoint °FEst. Min Tair °FEst. Min Tair muck °F
Alachua5:29 PM65.164.553.549.9
Apopka5:28 PM70.469.660.457.3
Arcadia5:32 PM77.369.966.963.7
Avalon5:29 PM71.17061.258.2
Balm5:33 PM74.870.164.761.6
Belle Glade5:29 PM7869.767.464.2
Bronson5:30 PM65.265.153.850.2
Carrabelle5:38 PM65.465.454.150.6
Citra5:29 PM64.164.152.448.7
Clewiston5:30 PM7969.168.164.7
Dade City5:31 PM70.970.861.458.5
DeFuniak Springs5:41 PM64.963.352.849.1
Dover5:32 PM71.270.461.558.5
Fort Lauderdale5:28 PM77.670.467.464.3
Frostproof5:30 PM77.77067.364
Hastings5:25 PM63.863.251.848.1
Homestead5:31 PM77.772.468.465.5
Immokalee5:32 PM79.967.26864.4
Indian River5:26 PM77.467.76662.5
Jay5:45 PM57.654.243.138.6
Joshua5:31 PM78.16866.863.3
Kenansville5:27 PM78.868.667.764.3
Lake Alfred5:30 PM73.771.164.161.2
Lecanto5:31 PM64.664.452.949.3
Live Oak5:29 PM64.963.85349.3
Macclenny5:26 PM64.463.952.548.9
Marianna5:37 PM65.765.154.250.7
Mayo5:31 PM64.364.352.749.1
Monticello5:33 PM64.863.752.949.2
North Port5:34 PM75.371.365.762.7
Ocklawaha5:29 PM65.565.554.350.8
Okahumpka5:29 PM67.567.556.853.5
Okeechobee5:28 PM77.165.564.861
Ona5:32 PM74.570.164.461.3
Palmdale5:31 PM80.96869.365.7
Pierson5:26 PM64.663.452.648.9
Putnam Hall5:27 PM64.164.152.548.8
Quincy5:36 PM63.662.651.347.5
Sebring5:30 PM8066.86864.3
St. Lucie West5:27 PM77.867.366.262.6
Umatilla5:28 PM65.265.153.750.2
Wellington5:27 PM77.369.766.863.6

Note: Temperature and dewpoint estimates at the time of sunset are based on two observations surrounding that time.