Cold Protection Toolkit

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First Set Your

You may wish to consult our guide for determining critical temperature.

Then Select a Tool.

FAWN Freeze Alert Tool

Receive text and/or email messages when certain conditions are met at a FAWN site.
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NWS Forecast - Interactive Map

Interactive Google Map that allows the user to select any location for an NWS graphical forecast. Included on the map are the NWS Fruit Frost Station locations and FAWN sites..

Minimum Overnight Temperature

Estimates based on the Brunt equation and the air & dew point temperatures at sunset.

Forecast Tracker for FAWN sites

Plots the actual temperature and forecasted temperature for the previous twenty four (24) hours and the forecasted temperature for the next twenty four (24) hours in order to show how well the forecast is tracking the actual temperature. The Forecast Tracker is easy to use with a drop down menu to select the desired FAWN site.

Evaporative cooling potential

Determining the risk of using irrigation for cold protection, and see the risk calculated at FAWN stations.

Wet-Bulb Based Irrigation Cutoff Temperature

The safe cutoff temperature based on current FAWN conditions.